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I've not received a retribution attempt by anyone except one person who wish to use my voice as a subject...I'm working hard on making more stuff..but I have work to accomplish before I can manage to get a long with it.

A person for the people.

2012-05-13 20:38:07 by EpicTheWhite

I am new to new grounds. That does not mean that I'm better what I'm trying to do. If I could I would attempt to help everyone but that is not possible at least not yet because I am only one person what few people know right now is that I am not typing this I'm speaking to you through program on my computer when I say you I mean the reader the reader of whom should understand why I'm talking because I'm a person trying to change everything. I recently saw a movie about a man who stood out against the gray one to change everything despite the consequences. He knew the world was corrupted and he wanted to fix it he wanted to fix everything and anything that could happen in the future. he started a rebellion, a complete redirection of our planet, our way of thinking, and our way of life. this man continued his legacy through his rebellion and even started a company out of the company developed into a world renowned facility. A figurative facility. A facility that houses millions upon millions of people working for one cause altogether. The ability to change everything. The group if you are not aware was titled Anonymous. they are hackers who have been working on the internets and around countries to make a difference in our current world they are known for many many many things they cooperated with occupy Wall Street and they are known for hacking into major websites such as Google, and YouTube. for those of you who are not aware who I am or what I do for a living, I wanted soon let everyone know where I stand. If I plan to make a
fear on the Internet on new rounds I must elaborate on what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I will not state that I am with anonymous nor will I state that I am against anonymous I'm a person for the people much like anonymous is for the people. If I were to say that I worked with them I would be banned from this website immediately for the simple fact that what they do is completely utterly illegal. I do not work for anonymous I do not work with anonymous and I will never work for them or with them but I wish to alert all of you to where I stand as I said before I enshrined to make a difference rather be on the Internet or rather it be in person I'm trying to change everything. I've been called a rebel, a Revolutionary and sometimes even a criminal not because I have committed criminal acts because I have a mind of a criminal. I think first before acting I develop ideas before committing I attempt a draft before submitting and I hope before believing. the X I do and will continue to do will not be legal they will not force anyone to be arrested to arrest or to do something you'll regret the rest of them of their lives. Before I earn any fame and all any fans or any subscribers in any way I wish to tell them and anyone else who reads this that I stand where I believe is right. I will never move where I stand in the same force and even then I will fight against his strong as I can. On this website nobody will know my name. Nobody will care to know me name. And if they do they will have to suffice with not knowing it does knowing my name will be a horrific end to all of my work. to those of you reading this the future if I have earned any sort of fame on this website much like my favorite animators from the grounds, I wish you to reflect on what I say here today and to remember that I was once a person with no reputation or respect. I've been beaten countless times and I will always be beaten when given the chance. To those of you admins reading this, I apologize if I have scared you in any way but talking about anonymous you should have no fear I will not some anonymous to hack into and I have nothing to say about them trying to hack into if they attempt to hack into new grounds for any given reason blame me for I am probably the only person here was any connection to anything involving them blog posts or otherwise. I will give you commercial and then me even though it is not my fault because when there is no evidence proving me wrong or proving me right I will be the first suspect if you are hacked. I understand the terms of agreement terms of use and therefore I allow anything that must be changed to happen. As this blog post comes to a close I wish to alert all of you to the simple fact that this world needs to change. There's so much wrong... Just so much wrong... So much that I cannot describe to you how much horror there is this world if you have not seen it with your own eyes and you are lucky for it is everywhere and will probably remain that way unless we can change it so once again dear reader I come to you today to alert you and to make you aware that I am a person I may be trying to help everyone and anything that I come across that I am a person nonetheless.

I thank you for your time and ask you for more.

"From the shadows I hide, from the silence I wait, in the public I am seen but not noticed."

Brought to you by EpicWhiteCookie from WhiteCookieStudios an undisclosed location in United States of America.

Working hard so that I can hardly work.

2012-04-29 22:03:51 by EpicTheWhite

Been working so hard s that I can get some audio clips onto Newgrounds..I even rented a 200 dollar microphone from a nearby recording studio just so I can get this stuff out there...seriously think I can get some work done soon. I'm hoping to turn this into a part-time job, along with my audio-clips I designed for my TMB series..more on that later the two people who read this: Thanks for supporting, or even visiting my page. I appreciate the interest.

But more hard work should pay off soon..once I land a first job as an vocal artist on NG, I should be set for a while. Anyway..big news to the first subscriber/favoriter who likes my audio work: You are awesome..and I got a special surprise waiting for you.

My current checklist for stuff to finish before I start work...

1.) Microphone [ X ]
2.) Plot script [ X ]
3.) Practice [ X ]
4.) Record [ X ]
5.) Submit to forum/page [ ]
6.) Wait. [ ]
7.) ??? [ ]'s not done..but it'll work out..lots left to do..almost the end of the school year for I might have more time once work cuts back a tad.

Until then...


I'm not well-known on this website, but I am a good voice actor. I'm looking for work, if anyone can help me with this. I'm willing to download files to my computer for the work, as well as working with written scripts and people I don't know. I really need to get myself active on the website, so if anyone's got any help with my voice acting career, feel free to ask. Thanks for reading the post, and I will gladly take ANY OFFERS given to me. Like i said.. desperate for work!